BRQ Brunch

     BRQ is now open and that means we have a new brunch in Baton Rouge. A BBQ infused brunch of sorts. The menu has some great selections and BRBrunches took a small tour.  This tour only scratched the surface of their great new establishment. 


      Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday. There is inside and outside seating. We recommend making reservations in advance. There is a full bar with lots of options, including a brunch menu of classic brunch beverages, their takes on the Bloody Mary, and “bubbles” drinks. Lots of bubbles. 

      Food portion sizes are gigantic and reasonably priced. BRQ is freshly open, so things are still getting worked out, but the service was very attentive, interactive, and the server seemed to know the menu well enough to provide insight and advise. You need to try the biscuits. 


      You are initially greeted to complementary chips and pickles. Great start! 

       Boudin Balls with aioli, caramelized peppers and onions, and chicken jus. Very traditional fried boudin. The sauce and toppings were great. Perfect appetizer for sharing. 

      Burrata and Cavier with Creole tomato jam and toast. Don’t be intimated by the sound of this appetizer. The cheese spread very smoothly and tasted great. Ask for extra tomato jam. Bread was delicious and toasted to perfection. 

     Smoked Bologna and Cheese Omelet: three egg omelet with hand cut brabant potatoes. It’s huge! Very cheesy and delicious. The potatoes on this plate were great. 

      Biscuits and Gravy: two eggs, brabant potatoes, fruit with buttermilk biscuits and smoked brisket gravy. Biscuits were excellent. The gravy is smoky and definitely unique in favor. Brisket was perfect. The potatoes on this plate were a little over done, but not a deal breaker. 

      Chicken and Waffles: Perfectly executed fried chicken–it was tender and juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Waffle was great. Very good traditional brunch item. Sweet, savory, salty, and fantastic. The strawberry pepper jam adds a layer of flavor. There’s a lot going on with this dish and we love it! A little pricy but worth it. Huge portion. 

      BBQ + Brunch = It just makes sense. BRQ has a good thing going on. It has only been open for a short while, but you wouldn’t know it. We have no doubt that this brunch will be well attended and a Baton Rouge contender. 


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