Brunch In Heels 

       On Sunday, September 10, 2017, we will be putting on a city wide brunch event to raise money for STAR’s 2017 Hunks In Heels fundraising efforts. We will be calling this event, “Brunch In Heels.” STAR, which stands for Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center, is gearing up for the 5th Annual Hunks in Heels “STAR Struck Edition.” 

        On Sunday, September 10, 2017, we are asking participating restaurants to donated at least 5 percent of brunch proceeds to the Hunks In Heels fundraising campaign. We won’t stop you if you want to donate a higher percentage. We are asking men to consider brunching in heels that day as a statement of support of the Hunks In Heels initiative.

Mason’s Grill

The Gregory


The Overpass Merchant 

Burgersmith (Perkins Road and Siegen Lane)

Breck’s Bistro 

Canefield Tavern 

Crown: A Royal Bistro

Lava Cantina (Perkins Rowe)

Galatoires Bistro

The Londoner


City Pork Brasserie & Bar 

Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Restaurant

 Kalurah Street Grill

Ruby Slipper Cafe

Secret Lair Taqueria at Tin Roof (popup) 

Barbosa BBQ Boozie Brunch at Cane Land Distillery 

Kickstand’s Kitchen at The Legacy


         Each year, thousands of women, men and children, in the Capital Region are affected by sexual violence. As a community, we allow this to continue when we remain silent. The impetus behind Hunks in Heels is that sexual violence does not just affect women, it also affects the men who care about them, their families, their friends, their coworker and their communities. All proceeds from this exciting and unique event benefit STAR®, the only sexual assault center, within the surrounding seven parishes, providing support to survivors of sexual trauma, improving systems response and creating social change, to end sexual violence.


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