About BR Brunches

Baton Rouge Brunches reviews brunches in the Baton Rouge area and discusses other brunch related topics. Brunch is the best meal of the week and Baton Rouge does it right!

We showcase brunch venues, reviews (one or two per month), and  great ideas for unconventional ways of experiencing the best meal of the week. We also feature favorite brunch beverages, dishes, and other great Baton Rouge brunch related things in between. If you have brunch ideas or suggestions, they will be welcomed.
2016 will also see the introduction of the “brunch crawl” where we will have calendared brunch gatherings at our favorite spots. You will be welcomed to come join and maybe have some surprises in store.
Most importantly, 2016 will have opportunities to get more people informed and involved in celebrating the best Baton Rouge meal of the week! Baton Rouge has some great food experiences and we want to bring them to you! Thank you for supporting Baton Rouge Brunches!

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  1. Jodie says:

    I consulted BR Brunches recently when I had out of town guest who did not eat pork. I was directed to DiGuilio Brothers, which had more than enough seafood options for my guests. I would not have thought to go there had it not been for the expertise of BRBrunches


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