Mason’s Grill: The Rumors Are True

      Let me begin with a simple truth. The brunch at Mason’s Grill is absolutely as good as everyone says it is. The rumors are true. Mason’s Grill is award winning. There is definitely a reason they are often picked as “best brunch” in Baton Rouge. 

      The best part of the brunch, besides the bottomless champagne (add orange juice) and the custom-made Bloody Masons, is the fact that the menu is completely oriented to you getting what you want. The brunch menu is filled with possibilities. There’s “Brunch Side Substitutions”, “A La Carte” sides, and, our favorite, an option to “Jack Up Your Brunch.” (Jacking up your brunch allows you to basically add things like extra cheese, jalapeños, gravy, bacon bits, and much much more.) You get exactly what you want at Mason’s Grill.

The Basics

      Mason’s is a family owned and operated establishment. The Alfandre family  is extremely community oriented and down to earth. Success has not gotten to their heads. More importantly, they treat their staff like family and it shows through exceptional service. You can definitely feel it when you dine–that sense of pride that comes from the staff believing that the restaurant is partly theirs. That pride translates into the food. 

       The brunch starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. That 9am allows for an earlier start to brunch than most other restaurants. We highly recommend calling ahead about 20 minutes in advance. This puts your name on the list and gets you seated faster. It’s the most popular brunch in Baton Rouge, so there is sometimes a wait. Don’t worry, they give you a buzzer and you can go right to the bar. There’s both inside and outside seating and they are very much kid friendly.

The Bloody Mason

        Are you a Bloody Mary fan? Mason’s let’s you build your own “Bloody Mason.” They hand you a card and you check the boxes of what you want. You pick your alcohol: vodka, gin, or tequila (with differing brands of each). You pick your spices, how hot you want it, and your garnishes, even whether you want bacon or a beef jerky straw. It’s all about customization. Not into a life of choices? Just select the “Award Winning” version (it’s actually won national awards) and they will take the wheel. It is a little spicy but it is outstanding. The beverage comes in a mason jar and the garnish ascends from the top of the glass like a bouquet of goodness. Like lots of foliage in your Bloody Mary? You got it! Definitely try the beef straw. 

The Highlights:

       The menu has lots of options. There is a range of omelets and crepes, both seafood crepes and fruit crepes. There is French Toast, where you can add berries on top with whipped cream. The menu has traditional breakfast and brunch items. There is even a croissant breakfast sandwich and a breakfast burrito. 

Our Favorites:

Chicken & Waffle: “Spicy fried chicken breast marinated in a spicy brine, deep fried over a half a waffle, smothered with our caramel syrup and served with a side of hash browns.” Loved this. Absolutely positively loved this dish. The chicken was perfectly fried, the waffle had that right balance between soft and crunchy, and the syrup was out of this world. We added two eggs. The serving size is enough to have some left overs. 

Breakfast Burger: The menu suggests getting your knife and fork ready and this is sound advise. This burger is as huge as it is delicious. This is a must try. Actually, it is one of the best burgers in Baton Rouge. The menu description: “Gently stacked between buns are a 4oz. homemade sausage patty, a slice of American cheese, one fried egg, crispy bacon, a 4oz. hamburger patty, another slice of American cheese, a second fried egg, dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onions, served with your choice of one of the following: biscuit, toast, English muffin, hash browns, grits, bacon, one egg, two egg whites, or buttermilk pancake.” 

       Mason’s Grill is definitely as good as they say, but don’t take our word for it. Go build yourself an awesome brunch! 


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  1. Jaime says:

    But the parking is horrible


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