Time To Geaux Brunch For A Cure! 

Brunch For A Cure 

Breakfast + Lunch = Cure

It is time for a Baton Rouge city-wide charity brunch to aid the fight against breast cancer! Sunday, March 5, 2017 is Baton Rouge Brunches “Brunch For A Cure” to benefit Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge! Brunch at participating restaurants that day and battle breast cancer. 

How’s it work?

Participating restaurants will compete to see who can raise the most amount of money for the fight against breast cancer. We are asking restaurants to donate AT LEAST 15% of that day’s brunch sales to Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge. We are also asking restaurants to come up with “competition themes” and help find ways of raising money through their themes. We will recognize the best themed restaurant at the close of business on Sunday, March 5th. Take photos and post them on social media. Tag Baton Rouge Brunches and us the hashtags #geauxbrunch, #brunchforacure, and #brbrunches.
Sunday Participating Restaurants:

Canefield Tavern (Brunch from 8am-2pm) 

Mason’s Grill (Brunch from 9am-3pm)
Breck’s Bistro (Brunch from 10am-3pm)
Capital City Grill Downtown (Brunch 11am-3pm)
The Overpass Merchant (Brunch 11am-3pm) 
Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar (Brunch 11am-4pm)
Mestizo (Brunch 11am-3pm)
The Legacy (Sunday Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm)
Galatoire’s Bistro (Brunch 11:30-2:30pm)
City Cafe (Brunch 10am-2pm)
Tio Javi’s (Brunch 11am-3pm)
Simple Joe (Brunch 11am-1pm)
City Pork Brasserie and Bar
Velvet Cactus 
Pelican House (Brunch 11am-3pm)
Cocha (Sunday 11am-3pm)

The Rum House (Brunch 10:30am-2pm)
Red Stick Spice (Brunch Pop Up 11am-1pm)
Secret Lair Taqueria at Corporate Brew and Draft (Pop Up 3pm-Till) 
La Divina Italian Cafe (Brunch 8am-11am)
The Gregory (Brunch 11am-2:30pm)

Boil & Roux (Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm)

Here’s a link to the video of BRBrunches from Race For The Cure​: Race For The Cure


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