Cocha Brunch: A New Addition To The Downtown Brunch Scene

Baton Rouge Brunches visited Cocha for Sunday brunch. Very friendly staff and an excellent vibe. It’s a new restaurant but you don’t get that sense. Reservations are available and brunch starts at 11am. We only scratched the surface of this menu, but what we had was terrific. Here’s our highlights: 

Small Plates:   

TORTILLAS DE PAPAS PIQUANT CHILE CRÈME FRAICHE. This “small plate” is delicious and is perfect for two. Very filling and a good start to Sunday morning. Sauce is very very good. 

Brunch Beverages:



The Brunch Cocktail Menu: 

Larger Offerings:

CRIOLLO: CHICKEN, BLACK BEANS, RICE, EGG, PLANTAINS SERVED WITH AN AREPA. This was outstanding! Very filling and at a great price! Excellent unconventional comfort food. Comes with an egg made to order. The plantains were on point. 

QUICHE: SMOKED TOMATO AND TARRAGON. This quiche was perfectly executed and the tarragon was bold and distinct. Good portion size!


CREAMY GOAT CHEESE POLENTA. Goat cheese was excellent and the polenta was silky smooth. Delicious!  

Baton Rouge Brunches had a great brunch at Cocha. It’s family friendly and the staff is attentive and proactive. It was nice to have the manager come chat with us and visit for a moment. Cocha does brunch right! Go downtown and give them a try. 


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