Special Brunches: Barbosa’s Barbeque Brisket Brunch at The Overpass Merchant and Green Dinosaur Pancakes at La Divina Italian Cafe

We love special things, well, because we love feeling special. Special brunch events are no different. There’s just something about unique experiences that are out of the ordinary. Special menus and drinks make us feel special. Baton Rouge Brunches got to enjoy two special brunches this Sunday. 

Let’s start with Green Dinosaur Pancakes at La Divina Italian Cafe. The Cafe had a special children’s brunch featuring Kat Pigott and her book, Green Dinosaur Pancakes. The illustrator, Mason Sibley, was also there and was making some cool pancake art! Kat read her book to the children, signed autographs, and there were, of course, green dinosaur pancakes. The menu was fantastic and it was a great community event! The brunch and event was put on a few times Sunday morning and was sold out in advance. We loved it! 

The Overpass Merchant and Barbosa’s BBQ Brisket Brunch

Now let’s talk about The Overpass Merchant and Barbosa’s Barbeque Brisket Biscuit Brunch. Try saying that three times fast. On Sunday, The Overpass Merchant featured one of the newest and hottest BBQ experiences in Baton Rouge, Barbosa Barbeque. The brisket sold out in an hour and there was a line of people waiting to experience this fantastic merging of culinary experiences!

Alex Barbosa prepared 16 pounds of brisket that was served on an enormous biscuit with a poached egg and salsa topping. It did not disappoint and at $4.50 it left us feeling like we got a fantastic deal! The biscuit had a sweetness that balanced the spice of the brisket. The bottomless mimosas were flowing and we also enjoyed a great cup of Cafeciteaux Coffee.
We love brunch and we love special brunch events! Look for these experiences that will provide lasting memories and taste experiences that will leave you wanting more! Baton Rouge Brunches definitely approves!


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