BRBRunches “Flash Brunch” at La Divina Italian Cafe 

Time for another Baton Rouge Brunches “Flash Brunch”. This time at La Divina Italian Cafe! They know we are coming and have prepared an extremely special menu, just for Baton Rouge Brunches. We want to fill the Cafe up! RSVP if you are coming on the Baton Rouge Brunches Facebook page.It will be Sunday, July 11, 2016 at 11am.

“Italian grits” : fontina cheese, house Italian sausage, green onions, roasted red bell peppers, asiago cheese. Served with one poached egg, ciabatta toast, and house made apple and fig preserves

“Biscotto”: fresh house made biscuits, with American cheese, two fresh farm eggs cooked into a patty, with choice of Italian sausage, or in house made pancetta 

“Travelers delight”: house made Brie puffed pastry, Apple tomato chutney (with a hint of curry), served with fresh house made pancetta, ciabatta toast, Apple and fig preserve, and one poached egg

“Chef special”: andouille sausage, shrimp, mushrooms, spinach, green onions, and basil frittata. Baked into a fresh made ciabatta loaf, covered with house spiced fontina cheese. Served with house made fig and apple preserve. With a side of watermelon gazpacho
Brunch Beverages: 

Adult coffee”: your choice of our house blended brew of coffees or espresso with baileys Irish cream 

“Adult lemonade”: your choice of our fresh squeezed lemonade (or watermelon lemonade) with vodka 

“Kahlua mudslide gelatotini”: Vodka, kahlua, sweet cream gelato, baileys Irish cream, dusted with coco powder

 2oz of Blood orange sorbetto, served with “blu” champagne


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