Perkins Overpass-College Brunch Corridor 

Perkins Overpass-College Brunch Corridor

By Franz N. Borghardt

There’s a question I often get asked. “So where should I go brunch?” It’s never an easy answer, though it’s always asked with the expectation that I am going to fire off a quick answer. 

That question, which I love to be asked, generally gets an answer that surprises people. I answer the question by asking them several questions. I ask about whether they like to eat inside or outside. Do they like a fancy brunch or casual? Do they have kids? Where do they live and how far do they want to travel? How much time do they have? What kind of food do they like? Who is going? Do they like comfort food? How do they feel about bottomless beverages? What’s their budget? And my favorite, have they been to the “Perkins Overpass-College Brunch Corridor?”

Yes, we have a brunch corridor in Baton Rouge and it is fantastic! Yes, it’s also a mouthful but so is brunch. If someone wants a concentrated area in Baton Rouge to get brunch, and arguably at some of the best brunches in town, that’s where you would go.

(The Overpass Merchants)

The map starts at Zeeland Street Market (casual dining and fantastic comfort food for a Saturday only brunch). As you travel over the overpass, you are going to slow down towards the bottom. On your left you have Digiulio Brothers and on your right, Overpass Merchants. Both have outside dining and are child friendly. One could eat at one and cross the street to have some beverages at the other (I have done this at both spots and haven’t been disappointed). And did I mention, Duvics has a brunch as well! It’s also in walking distance of both Overpass Merchants and Digiulio Bros. 


(City Pork)

Continue on Perkins and immediately on your left you have City Pork. City Pork never disappoints and, as you know, we are sweet on swine and dig pig. Continue up the road towards college and you have Parrains on your left. Further up the road you have Galatoire’s, Acme Oysters, and La Divina Italian Cafe all in the same shopping center. Yes, La Divina has a brunch menu and it is delicious! Again, you could eat at one and beverage at another. 

Now comes a decision. Hang a left on Acadian and you have T.J. Ribs and Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Restaurant (Mestizo ranks as one of my favorite Baton Rouge brunches). But let’s say you don’t go down Acadian and instead stay on Perkins. You have Jubans and Jubans brunch is a staple for Baton Rouge Brunches. It has inside and outside dining options. Jubans also has a bar area that feels like you are in a New Orleans courtyard–trust me, sit in the bar area. 


As you continue on Perkins, you want to stop at Table Kitchen and Bar on Balis Dr and Perkins Rd. Again, indoor and outdoor seating and a menu and beverage selection that will blow your mind. 

When you get to College Drive, you still have more options! You are going to hang a right on Lee Drive. You can turn right at Highland and you have Sammy’s. You can continue on Lee and you have Mike Anderson’s. A little further and you get to Canefield Tavern at Lee and Nicholson. Canefield is a special place and must be tried! 

If you hang a left on College you have Tio Javi’s right before the interstate and Sullivan’s up the road.

This brunch corridor is outstanding. Yes, I know, there are other brunches around Baton Rouge that are out of this world. This is just a great concentration of places that have outstanding and diverse brunch options all in one area. I also know that I left some spots out that serve food on Sunday’s. No disrespect intended. They are there too and fair game! 
Where should you go to brunch? Let me ask you a few questions. Have you been to the Perkins Overpass-College Brunch Corridor? 


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