Baton Rouge Brunches Saturday Brunching at Bergeron’s City Market

Bergeron’s City Market                                        

Review by Franz Borghardt 

Bergeron’s City Market features a Saturday brunch that is out of this world.Today’s brunch customers were treated to complementary mimosas. They so know the way to our heart! There an excellent open and comfortable ambiance that complements some special entrees.

We tried the shrimp omelet entree with spinach madeline, linked sausage, and a biscuit. Eat it there or get it to go. Excellent portion at a reasonable price! The spinach was a treat and the omlet contain deliciously well sized shrimp and perfectly season eggs. Linked sausage is also outstanding. Great biscuits.

We also tried the veal grillades and grits. Also awesomely portioned and tasty! We may be useless for the rest of the day after this dish. We got a side of the baked tomatoes and the featured banana fosters bread putting dessert. Game changer!  Must try! 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced Saturday brunch experience that is out of this world, then go to Bergeron’s immediately! Great customer service, casual dining, and designed for comfort! Our recommendation is to get a few extra sides as they are all excellent and not too expensive to try. The market also has a wide selection of items and prepared meals. You don’t have to eat there but it’s open and nice. The website has a link to get updates on specials and meals of the day! Treat yourself to Bergerson’s!


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